Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hero to Zero

I love Coke.  It's my soft drink of choice.  But there's a problem.  A 142 Calorie per can problem.  So I restrict myself to about three cans a week.  I did once try a Diet Coke (by accident!); ghastly tinny taste.

Scalzi has recently blogged about Coke Zero, his soft drink of choice. Part of the reason for his choice is its (lack of) calorific value.  I was interested when he mentioned that, whereas Diet Coke uses the "New Coke" (bleurggh!) recipe,  Coke Zero uses the (One True) Coke recipe.  (Calling Coke "classic Coke" merely legitimises the existence of "New Coke", which I refuse to do. And UK cans don't even need to say "classic" on them.)

I wondered, maybe the tinniness of that long-ago Diet Coke was due to the recipe difference, not to the sugar substitute?  Maybe Coke Zero tastes like Coke, and I could save myself 142 Calories a shot? (Slightly less, actually. Coke Zero has about 2 Calories a can.)

So I tried it.

Nope.  Still tinny.


Mind you, I know I can taste bitterness where many can't.  For example, I think lettuce is horrible.  Nasty bitter tinny after-taste.  When I Rule the World, the first thing I will do is outlaw lettuce.  Or at least outlaw it being put in every single kind of sandwich.

Many friends express disbelief in my dislike of lettuce: "but it doesn't taste of anything". (So why are you so keen on eating tasteless food, then, eh?)  Oh yes it does.

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