Friday, 13 April 2012

fake fake moon landing site

As I was trawling the web to find a particular picture for my "Angry Birds * Space" post, I came across the "Fake Moon Landings Revealed" site.  It's well worth a visit.

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  1. Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, look at all the pictures for evidence, a kinder garden child can see the mistakes.
    Take all the written explanation of this fake and wrong doings of the Americans involved in such a deception. No America, it is time to say, yes, it was all a fake and because. Besides all this evidence that lies before you, that is one egg in your face, but when the rest of the evidence comes to light, it will be a Hen House of eggs in the face of America.
    It is not a matter of keeping face anymore, it’s a case of moral standing. When the true full evidence comes to light shortly, and thanks to another future invention of a brainy wee Scotsman. The surface of the moon will be scanned in full. America knows what he will find, and many others besides. No one will ever take the word of America, ever again. From the JFK, to the dreaded 9-11 conspiracy.
    When the surface of the moon is scanned completely, as from 16.02 meters above the surface, clear and sharp, will they find a double Decker bus, a wee grey man, or even a lump of cheese, yes, the chances of finding these compared to any other evidence of the landing, is more likely. And they know it. Oh, sorry, they don’t know it yet, unless they have a spy inside the university where this has been invented and refined.
    So America, full of really nice people I have met in the past, I feel almost sorry for you, for jusrt about everyone knows what hides up a Scotsman’s kilt, now we will find what hides up the ass of those deceptive Americans, very soon.