Monday, 17 December 2012

cue spooky music

I've written about coincidences before, and I said: "things like this happen all the time".  Just to demonstrate this a bit further, here's another one (or maybe two, or even three).

This summer we holidayed in Northumbria, and had a day on Lindisfarne.  A colleague from Scotland commented that he'd been there at exactly the same time. The final photo in the post had a couple of birds in the background; I asked a bird-savvy friend to help identify them.  When they replied, the mentioned they had been on a cycling holiday in Northumbria, and close to Lindisfarne at this time!

Last week at work we had a Christmas quiz.  One of the questions was "what element is named after a Scottish village?"  I'd never heard of this one (if they'd said Sweden instead of Scotland, I could have done better), but one of our team-mates said "Strontium".

I'd forgotten about the Lindisfarne coincidence until I received the bird friend's Christmas letter, where they mentioned their Northumbria cycling holiday. They also mentioned an earlier holiday in Scotland, where they had spent a week "in a village called Strontian".

Cue spooky music.

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