Saturday, 16 February 2013

thoroughly path breaking and novel

Last October, I blogged about a spam email soliciting journal paper submissions.

Yesterday, I got an even more ridiculous one:
I recently came across your research paper titled "."
Unsurprisingly, I don't actually have any publications with the null title!  Okay, so it's an amusing scripting error.  But the email continues:
In this everchanging world, where every new discovery refutes the previous ones,
"every new discovery refutes the previous ones"  Really?
your research is thoroughly path breaking and novel.
So novel that no title can adequately encompass it.
To provide more leverage to your work, I invite you to submit your upcoming research articles / papers for publication in [redacted], an international double blind peer reviewed research journal.
This may be noted that due date of forthcoming issue [redacted] is 15th March, 2013.
The process of publication is expected to be completed within two to three weeks. Our processes follow stringent quality control measures and comply international standards in journal publishing. 
Clearly, their "stringent quality control measures" don't cover proofreading their spam emails.

There's more, but I've stopped reading...

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