Monday, 8 July 2013

Unconventional Milan

I'm back from the conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation (UCNC) in Milan. Excellent conference, with lots of great presentations, conversations, and food.

My Evernote experience was a success.  I managed to take the notes I wanted, using my Netbook.  Fortunately, the venue being a university, the rooms had suitable benching for resting the Netbook on -- no more bruises where the computer's little feet dig into my legs.  And there were enough power sockets around that I could recharge as necessary.

When there was a particularly useful or interesting figure on a slide, I took a photo of it, and added "[photo]" to my notes at that point.  Then, when I got home, I downloaded the photos, straightened them up, cropped them, adjusted the contrast, and pasted them into Evernote in the right places.  That worked even better than scribbling down a diagram.  But it did mean that I had to remember to sit near the front.

So now I have enough trials to be convinced Evernote is the right approach, for SF conventions, for seminars, and for conferences.  Legible, searchable notes are a boon.

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