Saturday, 23 November 2013

golden anniversary anticipation

We have a small collection of small daleks

standing at the foot of our smaller collection of full sized daleks.

We don’t collect only daleks, of course.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary, this week’s issue of the Radio Times has 12 different covers.

We have 11 of the 12 different covers this week.  Matt Smith had sold out.

These will be added to our collection of other Who-covered Radio Times.

Row 2 has 4 covers from the 40th anniversary, which form a montage.

And now, we have to wait until this evening for The Day of the Doctor, which we will be watching at home on the TV in 2D, the way it is meant to be seen!  We have, of course, already watched the webisode Night of the Doctor, which provides an crucial insight into the timeline, and the number line.

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