Saturday, 1 March 2014

what a difference a month makes

The end of another month, and so we have solar stats for February now.  In the chart below, time runs along the x-axis, number of kW being produced up the y-axis.  The black line is the energy generation on that day.  The orange background shows the minimum, quartile, median, and maximum values, averaged over the month.

These February stats compare interestingly with the stats for January:

These charts are plotted with the same horizontal and vertical scales.  The February averages are very noticeably wider (longer days) and higher (sunnier days) than January.  And we aren’t even yet at the point where the day length is changing fastest – at the equinox, in March.

A different view shows all the days on a single plot.  Time during the day runs along the x-axis; days run up the y-axis; the colour represents the amount of kW being generated at that time, on that day.

This clearly shows how the days getting longer, too.  I look forward to seeing what March brings us.

All the up-to-date charts can be found on my other web site.

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