Monday, 13 October 2014

sequestering carbon, several book shelves at a time

We have a lot of bookshelves to house our book collection.  But even so, they are filling up.

Once every wall is covered with shelves, and all the shelves are full, but more books enter the house, what next?  (Did I hear someone say, “get rid of some books”?  Wash your mouth out!)

What happens next is bookshelves not against the wall.

the U-shaped, double-sided, brick-and-plank shelves start to grow up from the floor
You can see 45m of nearly full shelves against the far wall.  There is another 45m of nearly full shelves on the wall opposite.  And more on the wall opposite the window.

the nearly completed shelves
This increases the shelf capacity of the room by 50%, which should last for a few more years at least.

completed shelves, from the other side, populated with books from the far wall,
which is now less crowded, allowing room for expansion

We haven’t yet needed to resort to more extreme options:

We're gonna need a stronger floor


  1. I'd be interested to hear about your filing system for that many books - must be worthy of a post!

    1. I was going to say, that's easy, it's just alphabetical. Then I realised that is only the science fiction: other rooms have other categories. And it's alphabetical, except for series, and Ace Doubles, and ... and ... . So you're right. It is probably worth of a post -- at some stage :-)