Saturday, 28 March 2015

coincidence? you decide

8:45. Phone rings.  Foreign accent, claiming that they are calling from Italy.  (I think not.) Wanting to talk to me about something to do with my kitchen.  I say “Do you know what time it is!” and hang up.

Another day, another scammer, I think.

10:45. Phone rings.  Foreign accent: “Are you getting unsolicited marketing calls from overseas?”  Turns out, they are trying to sell me a device that stops overseas calls that my membership of the Telephone Preference Service doesn’t stop.

“So, you are making an unsolicited call to sell me something that will stop people making unsolicited calls to sell me something, because you know I don’t want unsolicited calls to sell me something?”

What a coincidence this happened so soon after an unsolicited call to sell me something, at an unusually early time, where that first caller very carefully emphasised they were calling from overseas.

Second scammer called from 08451297936.


11:50. Phone rings.  Local accent (makes a change).  “Hello.  We’ve been informed someone at your address has been in a car accident.”

“Absolutely not.  You’re a scammer.”

Third scammer called from 02037695670.

It must be the (slightly) warmer weather bringing out all the creepy crawlies.

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