Sunday, 19 April 2015

1329, and counting

I recently read Trade Secret, a science fiction novel, and noted in my review that it was the sequel to a book I had read 10 years previously, and all but forgotten.  There I say that part of the reason for not remembering may be due to the 480 fiction books and 185 non-fiction books I had read and reviewed in the meantime.

So how many books have I read and reviewed since I started my website nearly 20 years ago?  Well, running a quick query on my trusty database, it’s 900 fiction (not rounded!) and 425 non-fiction.

That’s a lot of books, and a lot of reviews.  (Well, some of the reviews are not exactly in-depth.)  I never thought when I started the website in order to learn HTML that I would still be keeping it up after all this time.  I find it a useful resource for making me think about the books I’ve read, and then later for reminding me about them (especially the non-fiction).

Forgetting a book I suppose is common.  What I find rather disconcerting is that on occassion I have reread one of my reviews that I wrote several years earlier, and not one single iota of recognition has sparked in my brain.  Ah well.

More worryingly, perhaps, is that I buy books faster than I read them, and currently have more than that total reviewed number on my unread stack.  That implies a further 20 years reading material, staring down at me from the shelves, even if I were to stop buying books today (I won’t; I can’t).  There’s so much more waiting to be forgotten!

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