Sunday, 31 May 2015

TV review: Grimm season 3

This third season of Grimm has the standard monster of the week, now interspersed with a pregnancy arc. Nick was zombiefied at the end of last season, packed up in a coffin, and being flown off to Europe. Anyone looking forward to Grimm hijinks in Vienna is in for a disappointment: with a leap and a bound the even-stronger-than-a-normal-zombie Nick breaks output of the coffin, crashes the plane, and walks off into the forest. Now the race is on for the Scoobie Gang to find, and administer, the cure.

The cure is duly administered, but Nick is left with a strange propensity to go grey and look dead, at least for a few episodes, after which the scriptwriters seem to forget about it. He has the odd bout of superhearing when the plot needs it, though.

And at last Juliette is in on the secret, and a full member of the team. As such, she has significantly fewer problems than before: see, knowledge helps. However, poor old Sergeant Wu is still in the dark, despite having wrestled with and nearly been killed by a Wessen he could see, been totally stressed out by the whole experience, and checked himself into a mental hospital because of it. Despite all this, the gang decide it’s safer for him if he remain in ignorance. Pah.

The monsters of the week continue to be diverse and mostly interesting, and we get a new Grimm discovering her heritage. Rosalie and Munroe get to meet each others’ parents, which provides some good culture shock, and some not so covert messages about racism. But the main focus is on the pregnancy arc: scary Adalind getting her powers back, and having a super-baby, and meeting Nick’s even scarier mother. More lying and deceit, which not surprisingly doesn’t end well, and leads up to yet another fine cliffhanger. How is Nick going to get out of this one?

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