Friday, 8 January 2016

book review: Chasing the Dragon

Justina Robson.
Chasing the Dragon.
Gollancz. 2009

Cyborg agent Lila Black has been deep Under Faerie. She and her friends have returned damaged, destroyed, dead. And fifty years have passed in human time, so Lila has lost everything at home, too. Her demon husband Teazle has been framed for murder and gone missing while searching for clues to the whereabouts of her dead elf husband Zal. Her possessed dress is giving her a hard time. Then the Ghost Fleet turns up. It’s all up to Lila again.

This starts off rather slowly, with Lila frankly moping about everything; fair enough, she’s got plenty to mope about. But eventually she starts to do things, stir things up, take charge, and charge into danger. And we’re back into fantastically imaginative and weird lands, as Lila risks everything to rescue Zal from the Edge of Death.

The series started off leaving home to explore the elf, demon, and fae worlds made available by the quantum bomb. Here the story is beginning to circle back to consider that initial event: who or what set off the bomb, and why? It feels things are setting up for a grand denouement in the final book; I’m confident Robson is going to pull this off in ways I can’t even begin to imagine!

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