Thursday, 4 August 2016

reducing class mobility

RIP maintenance grants. It’s one more move to keep the poor from education
But such analysis ignores the cultural attitudes towards debt in many working-class communities. The ingrained attitude that you never borrow money acts as a barrier to many who would otherwise like to study.

Indeed.  I am incredibly privileged.  When I went to university, waaay back in the day, there were no fees, and (my parents were so poor that) I got a full maintenance grant.  (£660/yr, which was enough to live on without needing more than a summer job.)  And my parents, despite being rather bemused at whatever it was I was doing (I was the first in the extended family to go to University), were fully supportive (morally, if not financially).  But if I'd had to borrow money, no way would I have done it.

I despair at what similar kids are going through today.

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