Saturday, 11 November 2017

sequestering carbon, several books at a time LXXVII

The latest batch (although there are some covert deliveries of books being smuggled into hidden parts of the house, in preparation for slightly-post-solstice celebrations):


  1. I "sequestered" about 2 cords (do you measure firewood in cords 128cuft in the UK? roughly 5 cubic meters I think) of books into the landfill last year. I was tempted to make a hugelkultur bed out of them but was unwilling to sort the ones which might have toxic inks (sad I think it is OK for the landfill to handle them, but not me?). They were all water damaged to some extent but I did find myself pulling back dozens which are now on my shelves with minor warping!

    1. "Cord" is a North American thing, though I have heard of it. 128 cubic feet = 3.62 cubic metres, according to wikipedia. But that's still a lot of books to dump. Sob.