Saturday, 4 June 2011

the future price of electricity, part 2

In February, I blogged about a strange item on my electricity bill: npower's estimate of my next year's bill, which was nearly an order of magnitude higher than my current usage.

I've just had this quarter's bill. Same low usage, same high estimate. This made me go back and look at previous bills: had the estimates always been this high?

annual electricity prices
No. The previous two quarters had estimates of about the right amount. Earlier bills had no such estimates: it must be a new "feature". The graph here shows a plot of actual annual consumption (calculated every quarter) and npower's estimate of annual consumption.

The only data points in common (because, of course, I don't yet know my future annual consumption) are very close. Maybe npower do know something about electricity price inflation?

I'll know better in a couple of quarters time...

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  1. Time for a bit of wind or solar (in York?) investment. If you've got an old bicycle tyre and a cordless tool (drill, saw, rotozip, angle-grinder) about, I think I have a DIY design for you.