Sunday, 19 June 2011

superluminal spiders

web crawler spiders
My previous blog post includes a quotation I had saved from a 1999 rec.arts.sf.written newsgroup. I wanted to see if I could track down the origin, for two reasons. Mainly, because I wanted to give a link. Secondly, because my record of the quotation has a misspelling of Alexei Panshin's name. I corrected this in my post, but then I wondered: was the misspelling in the original post (so maybe a subtle part of the troll itself), or my mistaken transcription?

So I googled the quotation, just a few seconds after posting it. And the top hit was that very post!

UPDATE (Oct 2011): I've now found the actual quote, and the misspelling is in the original -- so I updated my post to include the misspelling, happy it wasn't my own addition.

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