Monday, 17 June 2013

book review statistics in d3

My experiments with the charting language d3 continue.  Now that I can happily import csv files, I decided to have a go at visualising some data about the various book reviews on my website.

First, I charted the cumulative number of reviews, of the fiction, SF, and non-fiction books:

I was surprised at the total number of reviews, as I 'd never seen this all in one place before. And I was also surprised at the relatively steady rate of reading demonstrated.

I wrote a little python script to extract the figures from the database into a csv file.  I discovered that a few weeks of writing JavaScript seems to have over-written a large chunk of python syntax in my brain...

I also had a go at viewing the data according to date of publication, of acquisition, and of review.  I'm still playing around with those views, working out what they can show.  More experimentation is needed.

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