Sunday, 9 June 2013

rainfall statistics in d3

My explorations of the d3 data visualisation library for JavaScript continue apace.  I have now added "box-and-whisker" plots to the 2012 rainfall, helping demonstrate the anomalously wet April and July, and dry August, last year.  This required calculating the various means, medians and quartiles, which wasn't particularly difficult, and has given me a feel for working with arrays.
Box and whisker plots show minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, and maximum.
The mean value is overlayed as a blob.
This latest version replicates the previous chart displaying this information, which I did in Excel. (The bars are slightly different, because here I have included the 2012 data in the statistics, whereas I excluded it in the previous version.)

I think this d3 version looks much cleaner.  It certainly lets me fiddle with things at the programmatic level I prefer!

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