Friday, 10 January 2014

PV chart II

Here’s today’s solar PV electricity generation, from sunrise (8:06 GMT) to sunset (16:07 GMT), with data points every 5 minutes.  We were getting nearly 6kW at one point!  We generated 19.8 kWh in total, twice as much as yesterday.

vertical scale: kW; green line: total energy generated; blue line: energy generated from top row of 15 panels; brown line: energy generated from bottom row of 12 panels

The scaffolding was removed during the morning, and hence isn’t shadowing the lower row of panels in the afternoon.  So the brown line is closer to the blue one then.  It was sunny all morning, and a little hazy all afternoon.  We have a very sensitive sunshine detector!

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for sun all day, so I’ll post one more chart, but that will be enough, as I suspect that they are really of interest only to us.  (There will probably be some monthly and annual stats, of course.)

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