Thursday, 9 January 2014

PV generating

Today was the first full day of PV solar generation.  We weren't particularly hopeful, as the forecaset this morning was quite gloomy

gloomy, but not as bad as the same forecast yesterday
It now being light, I had a chance to see the full installation.

all 27 solar panels installed
By noon, this lot was generating over 4kW, which is about 50% of total capacity.  That's not bad, given how low the sun is this time of year (which you can tell from the shadow of the soil stack in the middle of the roof), plus shadows being cast by the scaffolding.  Given our idling consumption seems to be around 1kW, we are now officially an energy exporter!

Also note the colour of the sky.  Blue, and clear.  At noon.  And it stayed blue and clear for the whole afternoon, until around sunset (4pm).  So much for weather forecasts.

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