Sunday, 31 August 2014

peak sun

We don’t have all the data for August yet, and today is quite sunny, but it’s not going to change these figures much.

These two plots show our daily solar power generation in kWh, month by month.  The first plot shows the actual daily values (with some jitter applied to the horizontal position, to prevent points overlapping).  The second shows violin plots (box and whisker plots of median and quartile statistics, overlaying a kernel density plot, which is a smoothed version of the jitter plot).

So it looks like summer is over!

Notice that August has a low outlier, for a very dark and cloudy day.  That was Bank Holiday Monday, of course!  Other months have had days as bad as this, but they weren’t outliers; other days in that month were poor too, and the overall interquartile range is high.  August days are relatively clustered around mediocre (so a small interquartile range), making the Bank Holiday a significantly bad day!

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