Friday, 28 November 2014

bricks galore

Today was a holiday in London, at the Lego BRICK 2014 festival, in the ExCel.  (That’s the same huge building as the SF WorldCon this summer, but in a different huge hall.)

There were some tremendous pieces, like Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey
There was a good display of the latest generation of Lego Mindstorms, EV3, including a robot scorpion

and the Cubestormer, the record-breaking Rubik’s cube solver:

watch it in action on YouTube – don’t blink!
Not everything was a massive construction.  Some smaller pieces helped demonstrate the versitility.

the Platonic solids
Small bricks are just large pixels, so there were many pictures on display.  My favourite was this transition of millennia:

Lego Lascaux, complete with Lego prehistoric artists
the original, for comparison

It’s easier to do things like this with the large palette of colours available today.

a far cry from the old black, white, red, blue, yellow and green...
Trains were much in evidence, combining two standard passions.  Possibly my favourite was the nested train systems:

nested train systems
The upper small oval track system was itself mounted on two trains, one running on the lower large oval track, the other on the central narrow blue oval.  That itself was fun and clever, but then we spotted that lower train had a wagon hosting a tiny train running on its own little track, too!

It wasn’t just the Lego itself that was a blast from the past.

Thunderbirds Are Go!
It all started getting a bit self-referential with the merchandising, though:

the videogame based on the movie based on the toy
full circle: the toy based on the movie based on the toy

We had a great time looking at all the displays, and also bought about £10 worth of bits (given the price of the entrance tickets, and the train fares, it was quite an expensive £10 purchase). Being a Friday, it wasn’t too crowded; I expect the Saturday will be packed.

Also, I can highly recommend the ExCel’s Orange and Chocolate muffins: they are delicious, and go brilliantly with the coffee.

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  1. Blocks Galore. Hot concrete rammed, injection molding, egg laying concrete block machine. Get smart blocks... and loving it.