Thursday, 27 November 2014

Evernote Business cards

I posted the following query to the Evernote Life community on Google+

I’ve recently gone Premium (for the upload), and have just tried the Business Card function.

The resulting note is horrible, because the field where I can add my own notes isn’t a fully functional space – eg, I can’t paste a link to the note of the meeting where I met the person (except as a full URL, not as an “internal” green link); I can’t paste a photo of the person; I can’t even change the font/colour of the text!

So I copied the note contents into a new “ordinary” note, then made all these edits.

Why is everyone raving about this?  What am I missing?

(No, I’m not connected to LinkedIn; I’m not a member, and don’t intend to change that.)

I got several helpful suggestions, plus confirmation that I was not missing something: for some reason, this restriction is the designed behaviour!

The suggestion I have adopted is to use the merge function to merge the business card note with another note containing the extra information I want (or, as I discovered, just with a blank new note).  The result is a fully editable note, but with the business card information left in its formatted state.

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