Monday, 5 June 2017

there should be fail-safes in place

no longer the go-to advice to computer users

British Airways says IT chaos was caused by human error 
an engineer disconnected a power supply, with the major damage caused by a surge when it was reconnected.
but the commentators are sceptical:
an email leaked to the media last week suggested that a contractor doing maintenance work inadvertently switched off the power supply. 
The email said: "This resulted in the total immediate loss of power to the facility, bypassing the backup generators and batteries... After a few minutes of this shutdown, it was turned back on in an unplanned and uncontrolled fashion, which created physical damage to the systems and significantly exacerbated the problem." 
But the BBC's transport correspondent, Richard Westcott, has spoken to IT experts who are sceptical that a power surge could wreak such havoc on the data centres. 
BA has two data centres about a kilometre apart. There are question marks over whether a power surge could hit both. Also, there should be fail-safes in place, our correspondent said.

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