Thursday, 15 February 2018

it's not just dentistry...

I’ve been getting a lot of suspiciously similar spam requests from dentistry “journals”.  Today, I got one from a less specific journal, but it looks like it’s from a remarkably similar bot that doesn’t have English as a first language:
Dear Dr. Susan Stepney,

Hope all is well at your end.

We are happy to inform your that Juniper publishers have recently indexed in International Scientific Indexing (ISI) an another mile stone in publications that have been achieved by the support of eminent like you.

Hence, we are in shortfall of article for successful release of Volume 12, Issue 3. Is it possible for you to support us with your 2 page Opinion or Mini Review for this issue before 20th February?

Once again, I honestly request you to be a part in the success of our Journal.

Please acknowledge this email receipt within 24 hours.

Denuelle Bennett
Current Trends in Biomedical Engineering & Biosciences (ISSN: 2572-1151)

I’m not sure what publishing apocalypse is happening on the oft-quoted 20 February, but it’s rapidly approaching!

Also, what’s with the “Hence”?  How does the shortfall follow from the indexing?  Or am I overthinking things again?

For the record, here’s a list of the spam-so-far:

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  1. We must be on the same list - I am getting all the same spam! I searched this one precisely because it WASN'T a supposed "dentistry journal". And no... You are not overthinking it. Very interesting scam tho - preying on "eminent like us" who may be "in shortfall of article"?? Who comes up with this stuff?
    Cheers! ~j