Wednesday, 28 February 2018

wait; I'm an eminent manuscript?

Another day, another spam-bot that doesn’t have English as a first language.  Funny how these “journals” always need just the one more article, of just two pages.  The legitimate journals I’m involved with don’t have that breathtaking degree of precision on page numbers.  Maybe we’re missing a trick?

Dear Dr. S Stepney,

Good Morning…..!

Can we have your article for successful release of Volume2 Issue 5 in our Journal?
Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research (BJSTR) having Impact Factor 0.548.

In fact, we are in need of one article to accomplish the Issue prior 10th of March; we hope that the single manuscript should be yours. If this is a short notice please do send 2 page opinion/mini review/case report, we hope 2 page article isn’t time taken for eminent people like you.

Your trust in my efforts is the highest form of our motivation, I believe in you that you are eminent manuscript brings out the best citation to our Journal.

Anticipate for your promising response.

Angela Roy | Associate Editor | Biomedical Journal

I note that the previous 20th February publishing apocalypse deadline has been extended to the 10th of March.

I know some people can mix up “your” and “you’re”.  This is the fist time I’ve seen a mix up between “your” and “you are”, however.  Hence my asserted existence as an eminent manuscript.

Oh, and my “promising response”?  I promise to name and shame.  For the record, here’s a (growing) list of the spam-so-far: