Sunday, 26 May 2013

sunshine and snails

Today is a surprisingly sunny May bank holiday.  Out in the garden we discovered several beautiful "weeds" hiding behind some trees.  They are "weeds" in the sense that we didn't plant them there, or anywhere else in the garden.  We actually have no idea what they are.  But we're leaving them in place, so I suppose that means they are weeds no longer.

pink and blue erratics

and a third colour
A tulip suffered an unfortunate incident during some rather energetic weeding.  On investigation, it was found harbouring a passenger.

can't a snail get some privacy around here?


  1. Those weeds are Aquiligia - really good self-seeders, so no surprise they surprised you!

    1. Excellent, thank you! They really are very pretty, so I hope they self-seed further.