Sunday, 12 May 2013

trees and flowers

The garden continues to burst into life. Both apple trees are in full bloom.  Given the density of blossom, and the lateness of the season reducing the risk of frost, we're anticipating a bumper crop, or, as we call it, a glut.  There will be many gifts of apples, come autumn.

the old apple tree: tasty cookers

the young apple tree: crunchy Coxes
The acer is looking its healthiest and loveliest since it was planted nearly a decade ago.  It had a few rocky years when we feared we might lose it, but two freezing winters have given it a new lease of life, and it's never looked back.
sunlight through the leaves
It's not just trees springing into life.

more bluebells than any previous year
Worth the long wait!

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