Saturday, 2 July 2016

my latest new toy

I have the teal keyboard.  It is teal, not blue.  Phone camera colours lie!

I have upgraded my travelling machine to a Microsoft Surface 4.

I started off with a little netbook with Evernote.  That worked well, and I later moved on to a more portable-friendly tablet, still with Evernote.  That also worked very well for meetings, but I discovered that when I was away for a stretch, and needed to do more than just take notes, that something more powerful would be helpful.

I was pondering what to get next when I had a meeting with a colleague who was using his Surface.  The meeting quickly disintegrated into a discussion of its pros (a laptop (so all the utils I need, including Evernote for Windows, which is better than Evernote for Android), with a full keyboard (including backlit keys, useful for note taking in darkened auditoria), and a touchscreen (with beautiful resolution), and a smart stylus, that you can use to take handwritten notes (useful for maths and figures), that magnetically clips to the device (yes, I'm that shallow), and...) and the cons (a bit heavier than a tablet, and, ... not much else I've noticed yet)  So I got one.

I'm just off to a conference, so it will get a good workout as a day-note taker, and a general purpose workhorse.  Time will tell.

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