Sunday, 3 July 2016

out in the heat

I applied sun screen / insect repelant combo, and went for a stroll.  I managed half an hour outside in the heat (despite staying in the shade where possible) before I needed to return to the inside coolth.

I saw some interesting birds, that looked like slim blackbirds with longer legs, and a long triangular tail:

my Google-fu tells me this is probably a Great-tailed grackle

Also, what looked like some kind of parasite growing on a palm tree:
parasite? with fruits? growing half way up a palm tree
That was enough heat, and I returned to the hotel, and went up onto the roof, where there is better view than from my window:

view from the roof; turquoise and blue sea
After a chat in the hotel with some other conference goers, it was time to venture out again, for lunch.  Off to Mocambo, a Mexican seafood restaurant, with an "indoors" that was actually open, but under a thatched roof, with views over the sea, and accompanying welcome sea breeze.  Delicious food, a great view, plus pelicans flying by!

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