Saturday, 9 November 2013

the old and the new

I’m just back from a 2 day residential Theo Murphy scientific workshop held in the Royal Society’s Kavli Centre at Chicheley Hall.  It’s my first visit there, and I can certainly recommend it as a marvellous venue for a workshop: great facilities, marvelous food, and friendly, efficient staff.  The science was great fun: I learned lots of new things, discovered links between seemingly diverse areas, and had interesting discussions over food and coffee.  I’m buzzing with ideas, which is the whole point!

I did the usual “photograph from my bedroom window” thing, which had a somewhat different from usual view:

first day of the workshop, view due east, into the rising sun

Oh, and then I took a photo from the other window in my bedroom:

first day of the workshop, view due south
Blissful.  I found an amusing view from the window half way down the main stairs:

A lovely formal garden, with lawns, paths, clipped bushes and trees, and, just visible at the vanishing point of the path … a wind farm!  The old and the new collide.

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