Wednesday, 24 September 2014

sequestering carbon, several books at a time XXX

The latest batch:

Several of these were recommendations from panels at the recent WorldCon.  The Dragon Never Sleeps was recommended as being Banksian.  Gallun was recommended during the 1938 Retro Hugos panel. The Mirage was recommended during the infodump panel; I don’t know why I hadn’t already got it, given how brilliant Sewer, Gas, Electric is.

The presence of the Randall Munroe needs no explanation.


  1. "The Martian" is a brilliant book - technical SF at its best, and well researched so it feels very 'near future realistic'. In fact it's so good, I have two copies: one for me, and one to lend out to friends and family. Strongly recommended.

    1. Thanks for the review, Mark. I'll bump that one higher up my to read pile.