Sunday, 27 April 2014

Granada graffiti

I’ve recently returned from Granada, where I was attending the EvoStar conference.  I had a good time, listened to several very interesting talks, apologised to my publisher’s rep for being somewhat late in delivering a book, and gave a talk myself, on “Challenges for Open-Ended Evolution”.

The conference ended early Friday afternoon, and there were a couple of walking trips arranged in the afternoon, for those not leaving until the following day.  I went on the first of these, “Graffiti of Granada, a tour of urban artwork”, lead by J.J. Merelo, who was also the local organiser of the conference.

Granada has a lot of very high quality street art, from local artists and from artists who travel specifically to join in.  We were shown a great selection of it.  A knowledgeable and enthusiastic J.J. explained the various terminology, of tag, throw-up, stencil, blockbuster, wildstyle, and more.  I did at one point ask how it was that he knew all this detailed terminology, but it’s all there on wikipedia.

The weather was gorgeous: bright and sunny, and only just very slightly too hot, so we got lots of good photos.  My camera battery went flat about two-thirds of the way round, but even so, the pictures I got show a remarkable range of talent and styles.

typical graffiti, with many tags
clever incorporation of the eroded plasterwork

J.J. explains an intricate mural
another commission

just gorgeous

I have often thought that some of the more intricate graffiti enlivens otherwise dead blank concrete spaces, but in Granada it has been taken to a whole new level.

After walking up and down steep hills for a couple of warm hours, I then elected for the bar and tapas option, rather than the second walking trip.

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