Tuesday, 20 February 2018

book review: Blood Engines

T. A. Pratt.
Blood Engines.
Bantam. 2007

Marla Mason is the witch in charge of Felport, but maybe not for much longer: a challenger is preparing a spell that could destroy her. So she’s gone to San Fransisco with her not-entirely-human sidekick Rondeau, to track down the one artefact that can help her. But her old friend who knows its location has been killed. Marla finds herself in a lot more trouble than just dodging a rival trying to take over her city: someone is trying to take over the whole world. And unless Marla can get her act together, he might just succeed.

This starts off with Marla being too much of an idiot. She’s supposed to be a reasonably competent witch, but she keeps arrogantly ignoring someone who just happens to pop into her life at key moments. But after a few chapters of ineffective running around, she eventually decides to notice the seer, and things start moving. It turns into a snappy and rather imaginative urban fantasy witch-against-the-big-bad tale, with an exciting denouement, an interesting resolution of her original problem, and some decisions that are going to come back to bite her later.

I’ll never look at hummingbirds in quite the same way again.

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