Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Grayling again

AC Grayling's righteous wrath:
I Accuse... AC Grayling’s denunciation of Britain’s craven politicians

This is why Briefing Paper 07212 of June 3, 2015, told MPs that the EU referendum was advisory only, non-binding on Parliament and government. That is why the then Minister for Europe, David Lidington, repeated this, indeed stressed it, viva voce in the House of Commons in the debate on the referendum Bill later that same month, in alleging why there was no need for a super-majority requirement in the referendum. (Was this a deceit knowingly practised on the House of Commons by the minister and the government?)

It was accordingly for Parliament to debate the outcome of the referendum and decide what to do in the best interests of the country. It has never done so. Parliament has never debated the outcome of the referendum.

I accuse Parliament of a gross dereliction in this regard. I accuse it of a total failure in the exercise of its sovereignty. I accuse it of having abdicated its sovereignty, handing it to one-third of a restricted electorate who voted for a proposition that came with no plan, no roadmap, no costings, and no analysis of consequences, but supported instead by manifest distortions, falsehoods and false promises.

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