Sunday, 28 January 2018

film review: The LEGO Batman Movie

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Batman might have had a bit part in the LEGO movie; here he is the protagonist. An isolated Batman feels nothing, not even hatred for the Joker. When Commissioner Barbara Gordon notes that Gotham City is full of crime, despite Batman's best efforts, she decides working together and actual policing, without the help of a certain vigilante, might be a more effective approach. Existential crisis time, for Batman, and for the Joker. But the Joker has a cunning plan to get sent to the Phantom Zone. And Bruce Wayne accidentally adopts an orphan. Mayhem ensues.
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman minifigs running

The Joker
This is great fun. The gags come thick and fast, with all the clever verbal and visual wit of its predecessor, and much much more, with ridiculous knowing and self-referential comments, and snark, and meta-jokes. It helps to know all the Batman incarnations, even back to the Adam West era, and your DC Comics universe, and your LEGO, and the entirety of the film and TV world to get all the pop culture references (King Kong! the Eye of Sauron! the Daleks!), but even if you miss half the gags (which I'm sure I did), this is still by far funnier and cleverer than anything else out there.

Highly recommended.

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