Thursday, 5 July 2018

bouncing around Europe?

I’d left Durham on the 16:48 train to York, and about 20 minutes into my journey I thought I’d track progress using my phone GPS.  There was no 4G signal out in deepest Northern England, but the GPS usually plots its position on Google Maps nevertheless.

hmm.  I appear to be in Paris?!
Some glitch, presumably.  A couple of minutes later I seemed to have returned north.
that’s more like it!
But not much later than that, I appeared to be back in Paris.

And then two minutes later, north again:

After that, it sort of gave up the ghost until I got close to York, when it gave me a position in a huge blue circle of uncertainty.  Was the train interfering with the GPS signal?  It doesn’t usually; this is a game I often play on the train, and the first time I’ve seen this happen.

What’s weird about the Paris location is that, although I was in Paris a week ago, catching the Eurostar home, I was nowhere near the Paris location shown by the GPS.

If Google is logging my GPS position (like it does), then it should be getting mighty confused about my travels!

Isn’t technology wonderful?

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